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runamok maple syrup

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runamok is a family-owned, vermont based company that started with a foundation of premium, organic maple syrup and has expanded to an array of maple and honey-based products. the sugarmaker's cut is the very best organic maple syrup of the season.  each run is sampled and when the flavor is at its peak runamok's sugarmakers set it aside with a note: 'Reserve for Sugarmaker’s Cut'.  it has always been what they give to their friends, family and ‘those in the know.’  now they offer it to us. it's the real deal - you're never going to want to go back!

this batch of sugarmaker’s cut is graded as: Grade A: Amber Color - Rich Taste

please allow up to two (2) days for your order to be ready for pick up, or to receive your delivery.